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Premier Bathroom Renovation Packages

What Does Each Bathroom Renovation Package Include? Our bathroom renovation packages at Origin Bathrooms are tailored to provide an all-encompassing, hassle-free experience:

All-Inclusive Fixed Pricing

Our bathroom renovation packages come with a guaranteed fixed price, covering all necessary insurances, trades, and quality fixtures and fittings.

Sophisticated Project Management Tool

Exclusive access to our advanced project management platform is a hallmark of our bathroom renovation packages, ensuring streamlined communication and tracking of your project’s progress.

Personalised Project Management

Each bathroom renovation package is managed by a dedicated project manager, your go-to contact for all project-related queries, overseeing every detail from trades coordination to schedule management.

Comprehensive Home Protection

We take special care in protecting your home throughout the renovation process, included in all our bathroom renovation packages.

Expert Renovation Team

Our bathroom renovation packages feature skilled professionals, including electricians, plumbers, and tilers, committed to delivering exceptional results.

Thorough Completion Process

We finalize our bathroom renovation packages with an extensive clean-up, quality inspection, and official sign-off, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Pricing of Our Bathroom Renovation Packages

Starting Options

Bathroom renovation packages at Origin Bathrooms begin at $19,990, ideal for compact and basic bathroom transformations.

Average Package Range

Most of our bathroom renovation packages are priced between $24,990 and $34,990, catering to a diverse range of styles and requirements.

Key Cost Factors in Our Bathroom Renovation Packages

Size and Scale Impact

The size of your bathroom significantly influences the materials and labour costs in our bathroom renovation packages

Selection of Specifications

Our bathroom renovation packages offer a wide spectrum of product choices, from budget-friendly essentials to luxury options.

Project Complexity Variance

The complexity of your renovation, whether it's a simple refresh or a complete layout overhaul, affects the cost of our bathroom renovation packages.

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