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July 11, 2024

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Tile Takeover: Styles to Transform Your Space

Choosing the perfect tile for your bathroom can transform the space from ordinary to extraordinary. At Origin Bathrooms, we know how crucial it is to select the right tiles that combine functionality, style, and personal preference. Here’s your ultimate guide to picking the best tiles for your bathroom.

As we move into 2024, there are plenty of tile trends emerging to inspire your bathroom makeover:

Neutral and earthy tones: Hues of emerald green, deep blues, rich burgundy and earthy colours from beige to terracotta are making a comeback, returning to natural vibes and retro/vintage after the bolder colours dominated the spotlight in previous years.

Small Format Tiles: Square tiles, kit kat tiles, penny round tiles, and subway tiles are trendy options that can add texture and interest to your space. While large format tiles can be practical, small format tiles bring a unique flair that is gaining popularity. 

Natural Textures: Tiles that mimic natural materials like wood, stone, and concrete continue to be a top choice, offering a blend of durability and organic aesthetics. The natural aesthetic is in!

What Tiles to Choose for Your Bathroom

Selecting the right tile format is crucial for both functionality and aesthetics:

Ceramic Tiles: Affordable and available in a wide range of colours and patterns, ceramic tiles are durable, easy to maintain and perfect for walls.

Porcelain Tiles: Denser and more water-resistant than ceramic, porcelain tiles are ideal for high-moisture areas like showers.

Glass Tiles: These tiles add a luxurious, reflective quality to your bathroom. They are perfect for creating accent walls or backsplashes.

Natural Stone Tiles: Marble, granite, and travertine tiles offer a timeless and elegant look. They require more maintenance but can add significant value to your bathroom.

Plan Your Layout

The layout of your tiles can enhance the overall design:

Vertical Stacking: Vertical stacking is the current trend, making your ceiling appear higher, with its simple and opening layout.

Horizontal stacking: Simple and classic, this layout is straightforward and can widen a space.

Herringbone and Chevron: These patterns are a classic and timeless addition to your space.

Small Bathroom Tile Tips

In small bathrooms, clever tile choices can make a big difference:

Large Tiles: Create a seamless look and can make a small bathroom appear larger. They require fewer grout lines, which means less cleaning.

Light Colours: Whites, creams, and pastels can make a small bathroom feel larger and more airy.

Light Colours: Whites, creams, and pastels can make a small bathroom feel larger and more airy.

Vertical Stacking: This can make a ceiling appear higher, adding to the sense of space.

Glossy Finish: Reflective and bright, glossy tiles can make your bathroom stand out and feel more spacious.

How to Choose Your Feature Tiles

Feature tiles can become the focal point of your bathroom:

Accent Walls: Whether is it through colour or pattern (or both!), an accent wall behind the sink, the shower or the bath will add interest to your space.

Mosaics: Small mosaic tiles can create intricate patterns and add a touch of luxury, especially on the floor where it gives a vintage feeling.

Textured Tiles: Adds depth and interest, perfect for creating feature walls or adding grip to floors. If you are a little indecisive about your options or one colour and pattern aren’t for you, mixing textures and finishes can create some interest.

Don’t Forget the Grout!

Grout colour and width can influence the final look of your tiles:

Matching Grout: Creates a seamless look and makes the space feel larger.

Contrasting Grout: Highlights the tile pattern, adds visual interest, and a vintage flair to the space (think black grout on glossy white subway tiles!)

Grout Width: Narrow grout lines give a sleek, modern look, while wider lines can create a more traditional feel.

Floor Tile vs Wall Tile: How to Associate Tiles Together

Contrasting Textures: Pair smooth, glossy wall tiles with rough, matte floor tiles to add depth and interest.

Pattern Play: Use different patterns to delineate areas, such as a herringbone pattern on the floor and horizontal lay tiles on the walls.

Consider Colour and Pattern

Colour and pattern are key elements in setting the tone of your bathroom:

Light Colours: Whites, creams, and pastels can make a small bathroom feel larger and more airy.

Dark Colours: Rich hues like navy, charcoal, and black can add drama and sophistication but may make the space feel smaller.

Patterns: From classic subway tiles to intricate mosaics, patterns can add personality and style. Be mindful of scale; larger patterns can overwhelm small spaces, while small patterns can get lost in larger areas

Choosing the right tile can be overwhelming. At Origin Bathrooms, our experts are here to help. We can guide you through the selection process, ensuring you pick the best tiles for your needs and style preferences. Start your tile transformation today.

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