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December 7, 2023

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7 Bathroom Design Styles to Steal Right Now!

Aside from its functionality, bathrooms should also be a comfortable space – a haven and a place for you to unwind, pamper, and reinvigorate yourself. While you may not have put much thought into what style of bathroom you prefer, we’ve compiled a list of styles that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

In fact, all styles are open to interpretation – experimenting and changing up this part of your home is fun! See which styles suit your personality and lifestyle best, and don’t be afraid to mix and match aspects of one with the other. If you like sleek modern styling with the occasional art deco accent, then give it a go and let your creativity lead the way.


Minimalist bathrooms ooze sophistication and elegance, without being flashy. The elements of design that make this style so sought after by homeowners and interior design enthusiasts alike are its simplistic lines, symmetry, and light colours such as white, grey and beige.

This calming aesthetic is pleasing to the eye, as its signature soft colours and natural light help you start the day with a clear, peaceful mind. Despite the lack of decor and little to nothing on display, minimalist bathrooms focus on practicality and sleek design. For example, a popular trend today is using push-to-open drawers for your vanity instead of handles, which keeps the design clean and simple.


True enough, the word “modern” can be vague, but when it comes down to bathroom interior, we’re mostly talking about a pronounced, clutter-free space. Similar to minimalism, straight lines are one of the most common features of modern bathrooms and you’ll find them mostly on countertops, mirrors and basins. However, while minimalism focuses on cutting out the little bits and pieces that would otherwise become clutter, modern bathroom designs are more daring and can be about having a statement piece amid a simple background.

Quality materials such as stone, porcelain, teak, and marble are considered your staples when it comes to elements of modern design, but don’t be surprised to see a bold splash of colour or greenery that spruce up a crisp bathroom.

Art Deco

When we think art deco bathroom design ideas, a certain fellow by the name of Gatsby springs to mind. With art deco, here’s a tip to remember: a little party never killed nobody.

This 20th century “anything goes” trend is still extremely popular today with its bold colors and strategic use of geometric shapes aligned in perfect symmetry. While white and black contrasts are very popular within this style, you don’t have to limit yourself to only these colors – combinations of white and gold, green and gold, as well as red and silver are popular within this dazzling style.

This style of shiny mosaic tiles and geometric shapes perfectly complements period homes or apartments. However, the idea here is not to overwhelm the space with the roaring vintage effect. Floors and walls are perfect places to be bold, so speak to an interior designer for expert tips on how best to touch them up.


Coastal or beach-style bathrooms look exactly like what the name would suggest. Its inspiration comes from the ocean and its surrounding beauty, and the calm shades of watery blue are used to create a sense of tranquility.

As you step in, the natural sandy tones and pastel accents of the finishes should give a splash of vitality to the bathroom. The combination of a white or light driftwood coloured vanity, along with the layered neutral tones that define all the furniture within, help to bring the art of the briny blue ocean to life on your walls. And once you’ve captured the essence of a soothing coastal interior, it’s time to add a little of your own touch to the pastel hues, by including the trinkets that bear the memories of your own beach adventures.


The flair of a Japanese bathroom is much alike to a spa; centered around hygiene and delighting the senses. For example, the Japanese use bathtubs as a place to relax in and only enter once they’ve washed and rinsed beforehand. Similar to a well-trimmed bonsai garden, the core values of this design, on top of its focus on nature, are organisation and functionality – which combined together create a neutral, peaceful space. Japanese interior design has a similar zen-like philosophy as Chinese feng shui called kanso, which is all about harmonising yourself with your surroundings.

Opaque glass doors and soft wooden tones are typical of this style. Pebble stone or wood flooring in combination with stone walls often of opposing shades bring calmness, clarity and mindfulness to this design. If you’re looking to escape into an oasis of spa-like serenity every time you enter your bathroom, the Japanese style will certainly help create a tranquil remedy of healing and relaxation.


Scandinavian bathroom designs have taken on a wave of popularity. The whole “less is more” thing works for this style, and going for an understated look is the new cool. A bathroom experience should be uncomplicated and easy, and Scandi bathrooms have the casual aesthetic to fit this mindset.

While a Scandinavian-style bathroom is considered to be similar to modern or minimalist, it keeps its warmth, down-to-earth in an otherwise “cooler” atmosphere by using more pastel hues, soft fabrics, and patterned tiles. Adding wooden elements also make the room all the more homely.


Like something out of a Wes Anderson movie set, bold pastel coloured bathrooms are charmingly quirky. Pastel colours are soothing to the eye and mind, and can be an instant mood booster. As a playful alternative to your classic neutral bathroom hues, pastel shades brighten up the room all while making the space more cozy. One of the latest trends today is pairing pastel coloured walls and cabinets with terrazzo tiles, which are traditionally made by mixing marble, granite, quartz, or glass chips – creating a fun, decorative and totally unique design for each tile.

From some of the most popular bathroom designs to styling ideas, there are heaps of tips and tricks that will help you create and maintain the perfect bathroom for your lifestyle. Whether you are looking to restyle your bathroom or give it a complete remodel, start by shopping around for tips to make the most of your bathroom space or speak to a professional about how you can create your ideal bathroom.

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