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August 7, 2023

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Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

Minimalism is an artistic, architectural and design movement, which appeared in the late 60s in the US. Although it is strongly associated with the Scandinavian style, minimalism has been largely influenced by Japanese design, with the ideas of simplicity and open space, as well as the art of declattering homes.

If minimalism is your jam, keep reading as we will go through some of the minimalist bathroom essentials that will help you transform your bath sanctuary into one of the best bathroom renovations in Sydney! Let’s get started.

Less Is More

The principle of less is more is to remove the excess and keep only the essentials both aesthetically and practically.

In terms of aesthetics for your bathroom furniture and accessories, think of simple shapes, smooth surfaces and avoid the unnecessary decorative features. A good example for getting the minimalist bathroom décorthat you want would be to use a smart drawer opening mechanism instead of traditional handles.

From a practical perspective, remove clutter from your room and focus on the useful. What do you need in your bathroom? What do you need on display at all times in your bathroom?  In that sense, it is good to think of storage, especially when talking about a family bathroom.

Architect Noah Walker points out while referring to the bathroom he designed for a renovated Hollywood bungalow, “I love minimal bathrooms with natural light—less is more. Make sure to pay attention to the details.”

Open Space

Don’t worry, we don’t mean for you to put your bathtub in the middle of your living room! But there are tricks to making your bathroom appear bigger and more open through minimalist bathroom designs.

First of all, find an experienced builder who can help you remove separations within your bathroom as much as possible. For example an open style shower will always make it feel more spacious. Also, clear glass as opposed to frost will let the light through.

In terms of furniture, a lower vanity with a counter top basin will accentuate the room’s height. Also, think of slimmer vanities. Bathroom furniture can often be tailored to your needs.

Finally, colour makes a big difference on how spacious your room will feel. Typically, warmer colours such as warm yellows, reds, oranges will appear closer to the eye, whereas cooler colours like blues or purples will appear further away, so by simply using a cooler colour palette, your bathroom will appear more spacious.

Colour Palette

When thinking of minimalistic bathroom décor, we often think of those beautiful cool colour palettes – the whites, the greys and the other neutrals.  And yes, it is true that those colours fit very well with a minimalist environment, but more than a strict colour code, the idea here is to have a balanced, toned down environment, focusing on those smooth surfaces with little decoration.

That being said, your bathroom doesn’t have to be a cold, lifeless environment. Try playing with beautiful wooden designs or some fun pastel colours as accents for the vanity or simply your bathroom accessories. Those will work perfectly married to cooler tones.

Textures and Finishes

Since you’ll be using simple shapes, little decoration and mostly neutral colours, every little detail of your bathroom will stand out. For that reason, paying extra attention to the texture and finishes of your bathroom elements is key.

There is no rule in this area; it is down to everyone’s preferences… Glossy, satin, matte, stone, wood – you name it. Don’t be afraid to explore different options and ask for a second opinion.

If your bathroom has very little natural light, glossy is the way to go as it reflects light, but don’t think that because one of your elements is glossy, everything else has to be, too. On the contrary, mixing textures and finishes will give you a more put together look that minimalistic bathroom designs characterise.

Barbara Sallick usually suggests a stone or solid colour tile. Using patterned tile is a big step for a homeowner. You can’t be timid; it only works when you use it with complete confidence. If you hesitate and use it only in a small area, it looks like you’re afraid of it.

Light, Light & Light

Light is important in every living space, but even more so in minimalist interiors and is also key when it comes to designing a minimalistic bathroom.

Maximum natural light is always preferred in minimalism, so if you are building, think of bigger windows or beautiful skylights above your shower, for example.

If you only have a small window in your bathroom, no need to worry, there are still plenty of options. First, minimalist interiors usually have multiple sources of light from different directions. Lights traditionally come from the ceiling but think outside the box and add sources of light in the corners of the floor, underneath or on the side of vanity. Think both practically and aesthetically. Where do you need the light to shine and what bathroom feature do you want to highlight?

In terms of shape, favour seamless lighting options as opposed to decorative pendant lights.

There you have it – the 5 minimalist bathroom essentials: less is more, open space, minimalist colour palette, textures and finishes and, finally, light. Of course, those don’t just apply to bathrooms, so feel free to expend your bathroom make over to the rest of your house.

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